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Teachers: Mandy Nuss and Hayley Caldwell

Our 3s are growing in independence, improving social skills, and expanding vocabulary to develop pre-reading readiness. Learning takes place in a positive, center-based atmosphere and includes new experiences. Fine motor journals are used to develop the strength they will need to write their letters and numbers in the years to come. Phonics is taught through the Zoo Phonics curriculum as well as through engaging activities that get our 3-year-olds excited to read and write! Children are read to daily, and crafts are completed one-on-one with the teachers to encourage individuality. Our 3s attend music and movement classes, PE, and chapel. Our 3K students who attend 5 days a week also get to participate in a weekly art class. Highlights of the year include our Manners Breakfast, visits from special guests during Community Helpers Week, participation in the school-wide spring music program, and our Mother’s Day Tea and Art Show.


We offer two class options for our 3-year-olds. They can attend 3 or 5 days per week. Each class maintains a small 1:10 student/teacher ratio.

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