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Teachers: Jessica Green and Lauren Brown

Reading Readiness is the focus of our 4-year-old program as the children focus on the letters and beginning sounds as well as basic sight words from the Dolche Sight Word List. Classrooms are center-based and the teachers guide the children through well-planned activities that promote an eagerness for learning. Math, science, and social studies are introduced through the use of creative, hands-on units of study. Use of the Learning Without Tears program strengthens alphabet knowledge and letter/number recognition, while continuing to develop fine motor skills. The love of literature is passed on to the children through daily reading, imaginative activities based on classic literature, and the availability of quality children’s books. The Bridges math curriculum encourages exploration of manipulatives to strengthen number sense and early computation skills. Our 4s attend Music, PE, Art, and chapel weekly. Highlights of the year include Polar Express Day, the 4K Circus, and participation in the school-wide spring music program, and our Mother’s Day Tea and Art Show.

Our 4-year-olds attend all 5 days of the week. We maintain a 1:12 student/teacher ratio.

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